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Bhaiyaa Ji 2024 : Movie Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Story, Watch Online

Bhaiyaa Ji 2024 Movie:Hello friends, welcome to website. In today post we are going to talk about Bollywood Upcoming Hindi Movie whose name is Bhaiyaa Ji (2024). Along with this, we will get more information related to this film in today’s post such as Bhaiyaa Ji 2024 Review, Bhaiyaa Ji 2024 Cast, Bhaiyaa Ji 2024 Release Date, Bhaiyaa Ji Manoj Bajpayee Story, Bhaiyaa Ji Wikipedia, Bhaiyaa Ji 2024 Full Movie. Watch Online, Language. So friends, if you are also looking for information related to the film Bhaiyaa Ji on the internet, then this post is only for you. You should read this post completely till the end so that you do not miss any information related to Manoj Bajpayee Bhaiyaa Ji Movie 2024. So friends, let us start this post without any delay.

Bhaiya Ji 2024 Review

Friends, let us tell you that Bhaiyaa Ji is Bollywood Actor Manoj Bajpayee’s Upcoming Hindi Movie which you will soon get to see in the theatre. Let us tell you that this film has been directed by Apoorv Singh Karki while the story of this film has been written by Apoorv Singh Karki and Depak Kingarni. Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee is going to be seen in the lead role of the film. Manoj Bhanusali and Kamlesh Bhanusali have produced Bhaiyaa Ji Movie 2024. You are going to see Action, Thriller and Drama in the film.If you also like watching Action, Thriller then this film is definitely for you.

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Bhaiyaa Ji Official Trailer

Friends, talking about the official trailer of this film, let us tell you that the official teaser of Manoj Bajpayee Bhaiyaa Ji was first released on Hitz Music Official YouTube Channel on 20th March 2024, which has been viewed by more than 4M people. However, after this the official trailer of this film was released on Hitz Official YouTube Channel on 9th May 2024. People have liked its trailer a lot. So if you have not seen its official trailer yet, then you can watch its official trailer by going to Hitz YouTube Channel.

Bhaiya Ji 2024 Cast

Friends, now let’s talk about the official cast of this film. Let us tell you that Bollywood Actor Manoj Bajpayee is going to be seen in the lead role of this film. Friends, you are going to see Manoj Bajpayee in the role of Bhaiyaa Ji in this film. Apart from these, you will see Zoya Hussain, Jatin Goswami, Suvinder Vicky, Vipin Sharma, Acharya Anant, Akash Makhija, Amrendra Sharma, Amrit Sachan,
Bhageerathi Bai Kadam, Jaihind Kumar, Nikhil Mehta, Veenu Sharma as well as Rudra Chaudhary are also going to be seen in this film.

Manoj Bajpayee as Bhaiyaa Ji

Zoya Hussain as Update Soon

Jatin Goswami as Update Soon

Suvinder Vicky as Update Soon

Vipin Sharma as Update Soon

Acharya Anan as Update Soon

Akash Makhija as Update Soon

Amrendra Sharma as Update

Amrit Sachan as Update Soon

Bhageerathi Bai Kadam as Update Soon

Jaihind Kumar as Update Soon

Nikhil Mehta as Update Soon

Veenu Sharma. As Update Soon

Rudra Chaudhary. As Update Soon

Bhaiyaa Ji 2024 Release Date

Friends, now let us talk about Manoj Bajpayee Upcoming Bhaiyaa Ji Movie, then let us tell you that the announcement of this film was first made in August 2023. After which the official teaser of this film has been released on 20th March 2024. After which the makers of the film announced its release date and said that they are going to release the film on 24th May 2024. After which you can watch this film.

Bhaiyaa Ji 2024 Wikipedia

Tittle : Bhaiyaa Ji (2024)

Cast : Manoj Bajpayee

Release Date : 24th May 2024

Director : Apoorv Singh Karki

Producer : Manoj Bhanusali

OTT Platform: Update Soon

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Bhaiyaa Ji 2024 Story

Friends, now let’s talk about Bhaiyaa Ji Movie Story, so let us tell you that you are going to see a lot of action in this film. Manoj Bajpayee will be seen in the role of Bhaiyaa Ji in this film. Bhaiyaa Ji who is a criminal. All the gang stars of the area are afraid from Bhaiyaa Ji. One day some gang kills Bhaiyaa ji brother, after which Bhaiyaa ji goes to that gangster to revenge his brother’s death. The story of the film is going to be quite interesting. Now it will be very interesting to see that is Bhaiyaa Ji will be able to take revenge of his brother’s death, what will be the full story of this film,this all will be decided only after the release of this film. To know the complete story of the film, you will have to watch the film completely. Let us tell you that you can watch this film on 24th May 2024.

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Bhaiyaa Ji (2024) Full Movie Watch Online

Friends, now let’s talk about how to watch Bhaiyaa Ji Full Movie Online. So to watch this film completely, you will have to go to the theater because this movie will release in theaters,not on the ott . But when this film will be released on the OTT platform, then you will be able to watch the entire film online by purchasing the subscription package of that OTT platform.

In which language will Bhaiyaa Ji Movie 2024 be released?

Bhaiyaa Ji film will be released in languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu.

People are searching these questions related to Bhaiyaa Ji movie on Google?

1.Bhaiyaa Ji Manoj Bajpayee Release Date?

24th May 2024

2.Bhaiya Ji Cast?

Manoj Bajpayee

3.Bhaiyaa Ji Director name?

Approv Singh Karki

4.Where to watch Bhaiyaa Ji Full Movie?


5.Bhaiyaa Ji movie budget?

Update Soon

6.Bhaiyaa Ji Ott Platform?

Update Soon


Friends, in today post we have known the information related to Bhaiyaa Ji Movie. If you liked this information then please share it with your friends. See you in the next post, till then thank you.



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